Scheme Interpreter and Visualizer
Based on CS 61A's Scheme Project

(save 'symbol) saves executed code to be loaded with (load 'symbol)
(edit 'symbol) loads saved code in the editor
(list-saves) displays a list of all previously saved files
(upload) shares executed code
(upload 'symbol) shares previously saved code
(download 'url) loads code from a url

(theme 'solarized) and (theme 'monochrome) change the interpreter's theme
(demo 'chess) if you want to play a game or (demo 'paint) if you want to draw a picture

(draw-pair pair) draws a box-and-pointer diagram
(demo 'autopair) will start automatically drawing expressions which evaluate to pairs
(diagram) draws an environment diagram
(visualize code) visualizes execution
(debug code) evaluates code step-by-step

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